Wandering through East Hastings is a man whose memories are locked within a nightmare fortress deep in his subconscious; an opioid addicted mute that has exhausted the city’s mental health resources. ​

Cat Chambers is an anxiety-ridden psychiatrist trying to keep her experimental trauma clinic afloat. PTER, the controversial technology she uses to witness her patients most horrific memories, is the penitence she places on herself for her past mistakes.

When the addict becomes Cat’s patient, PTER plunges her into the pandemonium tearing apart the man’s broken mind. As Cat trespasses through his memories she discovers links to her own troubled past. Driven by a desperate bid for closure, she risks the addict’s life and her last shreds of sanity, to unlock his secrets.​

We Follow the Dying Light is a mind-bending, psychological thriller centered on an intricately imagined technology and a heroine whose own struggles with mental health are as high-stakes and harrowing as those of her patients.