Words in Confined Spaces

January 23, 2019 davidw 0

Writers, by their profession, are naturally careful in their choice of words, pouring over a sentence for minutes to ensure it captures just the right […]

The Fringe

January 10, 2019 davidw 0

The outstretched tip of a tree branch raked its claws across his cheek. He ran as fast as his tired legs could muster through the […]

Plate of Probabilities

February 23, 2018 davidw 0

“Did you know you’re more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year?” Her fork stopped halfway through its stab […]

Lights Out

January 16, 2018 davidw 0

The lens recoiled into the body of the camera. The cameraman snapped the cap back on before the interview had a chance to begin. The […]

Infomercials for Insomniacs

December 19, 2017 davidw 0

‘Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life’ Haven’t slept in seventeen days. ‘Life’s hard enough as it is, you don’t want to […]

The Second Derivative

December 13, 2017 davidw 0

Sofia lowered herself into a social seat. The arms folded around her wrist and biceps, their neurotransmission needs sliding themselves effortlessly into her lymphatic system. […]