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David is the author of the psychological thriller We Follow the Dying Light, released November 2017.

Formally educated in economics, finance and business management, David also has significant experience writing non-fiction. For several years he authored the website the Dismal Scientist. In addition to writing, David has self-published two board games and continues to lend his creativity to his personal and professional life. Originally from the Canadian East Coast he now lives with his family in Toronto.




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How do you go about giving advice in a critique group? I want to give good advice but I tend to be too honest in my opinions and hurt other writer’s feelings. #writerscommunity

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For today's #TenThings, I'm going to give you TEN WRITING MANTRAS. Some may apply, some might not, but these are the things I tell myself when the work gets tough.

Fatherhood is getting accidentally punched in the nuts by your kid, and as you writhe around on the ground in pain, having to simultaneously console your child for how bad they feel for hurting you.


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David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
I love this line. It’s one of my favorite responses when people complain about how poorly a situation is going and what they’re doing, or not doing, to fix the problem.

Instead of beating your head against a wall, let me ask, "how's that working for ya?"
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Once you stare down truth, what is left to fear?
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
How does this age old rule of writing translate into real life? What can you learn by adopting a Showing rather than Telling mindset to your interactions with others?
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Do most of us suck at communicating online because we're only using a third of our toolkit. What do we lose when body language and tone of voice aren't available?

Long live the GIF. All hail the Emoji
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
The duality of Toughness and Kindness

"You ought ta be kind, but ya gotta be tough." Being tough and being kind, strong but thoughtful, resilient yet careful. They're two sides of the same coin- both essential to quality of life.

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David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Here is Chapter 1 of a book I've been thinking about writing for close to ten years. It's a prequel to the story line for a board game prototype I designed- a strategy game called Ryth whose bugs I never quite solved before life went in a different direction.

It's all you'll get for a while since it's behind 3 other projects in the work-in-progress queue. Nevertheless, I'm really happy with how it turned out and it's taking all of my willpower not to write more.