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David is the author of the psychological thriller We Follow the Dying Light, released November 2017.

Formally educated in economics, finance and business management, David also has significant experience writing non-fiction. For several years he authored the website the Dismal Scientist. In addition to writing, David has self-published two board games and continues to lend his creativity to his personal and professional life. Originally from the Canadian East Coast he now lives with his family in Toronto.




The Mind and the Memory

Is it possible to travel through time, using memories as the means of carrying us forward and backward across a lifetime, bringing the wisdom of our current self to the past and the naivete of our present self to a future you.


We're in a world that needs great science fiction. Technology, primarily via social media and automation, has produced a host of existential threats to what we value in life as humans, such as socialization and meaningful work.

While cleaning the cat litter today I accidentally caught an inhale of litter dust and I think my life flashed before my eyes.

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Overdose is the #1 cause of death for people under 50 in the U.S.

Abstinence based treatments only work for about 1 in 15 people who try them.

For every dollar spent on harm reduction, particularly safe injection sites, it saves 7 dollars in medical costs. https://t.co/Nr1ZFpRXGe
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Science is telling us new things about what causes addiction and how we can treat it. https://t.co/v3oyUKc3qN https://t.co/SSBfPOeRjQ

This #FF I want to shoutout these great people (and large orange hairy mascots) who are always good for a laugh!


Let's see who can make me laugh the hardest.

When is the worst time to make eye contact with someone?
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
A dynamic in my professional life I’ve noticed as my career progresses and responsibilities expand is the marginalization of kindness. It’s not that I believe as someone rises through the ranks that they become a more aggressive person, but that the qualities necessary to do so reward assertiveness. As a person becomes busier in their job, time becomes scarce. Kindness costs time, assertion gets results. My worry is the race to the bottom this can create, where we show respect to assertive, aggressive, loud types, and disrespect to those who treat us kindly.

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David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Sometimes you lose your way, sometimes you power through, and sometimes you just need a few positive words to set you back on your path.
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Wearing my author and economist hat in this one.

The industries likely to lose the most jobs from measures taken to combat climate change are also the industries with a disproportionately high level of male employment.

According to a study of 5,000 men conducted by the University College of London, the greatest predictor, by a wide margin, of male happiness is job satisfaction, and more specifically whether they feel they are making a difference to their company’s success.

Rock, meet hard place.

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David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
I love this line. It’s one of my favorite responses when people complain about how poorly a situation is going and what they’re doing, or not doing, to fix the problem.

Instead of beating your head against a wall, let me ask, "how's that working for ya?"
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Once you stare down truth, what is left to fear?
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
How does this age old rule of writing translate into real life? What can you learn by adopting a Showing rather than Telling mindset to your interactions with others?