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David is the author of the psychological thriller We Follow the Dying Light, released November 2017.

Formally educated in economics, finance and business management, David also has significant experience writing non-fiction. For several years he authored the website the Dismal Scientist. In addition to writing, David has self-published two board games and continues to lend his creativity to his personal and professional life. Originally from the Canadian East Coast he now lives with his family in Toronto.




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i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change their minds when you show them facts" and I said "actually studies show that's not true" and linked TWO sources and he said "yeah well I still think it works"

24,000 words just died on the editing room floor

After 3 months of not touching my manuscript, 3 months dwelling on beta comments, and 3 months do anything but write, I'm finally ready to dig back into this thing. A better book is in there somewhere. Giddy-up! https://t.co/mKVSzf2ilJ AuthorDonaldson photo
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
After nearly two months of very little writing, I'm getting back in the saddle in preparation for National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNo WriMo.

Unfortunately the release of We Wander the Starless Dark is postponed indefinitely. The book itself is near completion, but because it's part or a trilogy, it won't be published until the third book in the series is complete. This is largely a marketing decision in order to hit critical mass. In the world of books, a flood is more effective than a trickle.

Given it takes me roughly 2.5 years per book writing part time, coupled with the prospect of shifting to a different project to give me a change of pace, I'm reluctant to say when it will make it into your hands.

Thank you for your patience and happy reading till then.
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
What I love about science fiction is asking philosophical questions about technology's impact on our future daily lives, and stretching the implications of that technology to its conceptual limit.

Great science fiction takes those questions and bundles them with compelling characters, thrilling action, existential creeping dread, and in a few rare cases, all of the above.

This is my aspiration as a writer. In the past my fear was that sci-fi is a narrower audience than thrillers and because of that I didn't fully embrace my place in the genre. I've come to the realization that what I really want is to connect with like-minded readers who want to explore these philosophical questions, genre be damned. If it's a thrill ride along the way, all the better.
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
We Wander the Starless Dark - an update

The latest draft is finished and with it I'm ready to get notes from a handful of brave beta readers willing to read the manuscript. If you're interested shoot me a message with your email address and I can get you an e-book copy within the next week.

Unfortunately my November release date is out the window. The scope of remaining work is pushing the timeline into March of 2020. I don't want to rush the release, and will be devoting time over the coming months to pre-release marketing.

I'm also considering redoing We Follow the Dying Light's cover as part of a 3 book consistent theme. My sense is that the cover is too busy, so I'll most likely opt for something simpler across the three books. I have a great idea in my head and just need to find a designer to bring it to life.
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
87,000 words later and I've finished the final structural edit to We Wander the Starless Dark.

From here we try to edit it down to 75,000 tightly paced words, clean up the writing quality, fix any continuity issues, and then hand it over to one or two beta readers to catch any residual logical issues I might have missed. Then off to a professional editor for the final touch.
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
Deadline. What an ominous word. No wonder people hate them.

I am not one of those people.

There is nothing like a looming deadline to galvanize oneself into action. Flying by the seat of your pants, hurtling towards near disaster, I mean is there really any better way to see past all the garbage that doesn’t contribute to reaching your goal, all the complexity you’ve created for yourself that simply doesn’t need to exist? When you have lots of time, it’s easy to let your mind drift to all the different ways something can be done, all the little considerations you should factor…all the entirely unrelated internet you do instead.
David Donaldson - Author
David Donaldson - Author
A dynamic in my professional life I’ve noticed as my career progresses and responsibilities expand is the marginalization of kindness. It’s not that I believe as someone rises through the ranks that they become a more aggressive person, but that the qualities necessary to do so reward assertiveness. As a person becomes busier in their job, time becomes scarce. Kindness costs time, assertion gets results. My worry is the race to the bottom this can create, where we show respect to assertive, aggressive, loud types, and disrespect to those who treat us kindly.

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